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rats and shamans

September 13, 2011

my personal sacred spring

That seems a bit unfair as a title as it appears to link the two which is not actually the case–just so happens to be the interesting things of this week I have a shaman in my spare room–not like packaged up or anything but around for conversations about the nature of reality and the spirit world–pretty good stuff I may say.

Meanwhile Mojo my adolescent kitten caught and ate a rat at least his size. He’s proving to be hunter supreme–king of the jungle and ninja master.

Had a lovely day out in Granada with my extended family. My nephew has a new flat overlooking the cathedral–not bad if you can get it.

I’m off travelling north to Comillas on Thursday so should have some more tales of interest hopefully. Went to a cave the other day–just literally down the road where they found evidence of life from as far back as you can go. Again almost no information to be found and talk about low key–it was my grandson, myself and two other people on the tour. I am doing a hunt for interesting archaeological sites which are under stated in this immediate area–LOTS!!


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