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autumnal harvest–thoughts and fruit

November 10, 2011

So again I’ve left this too long and now can hardly remember what it is thats been keeping me so busy. For a start there’s all the fruit–boxes of quince, persimmons, pears, pomegranates–squashed figs all over the ground and filling the tread on all my shoe soles. So lets see what will I get from it–pear and ginger chutney, fig jam, quince crumble, persimmon cakes, and bits of weird looking dried fig all over the floor.

Then there’s the piles of stuff in my spare room which I am slowly weeding out to give, sell or throw away. The brits have brought one of their better institutions here in the form of the car boot sale which the Spanish are now very keen on as well. Its great for getting rid of all the stuff that accumulates as well as a bit of fun–good way to practice spanish speaking skills. I will be taking a load of jam and pickles and possible some kind of cherry chocolate delight to use up some of the plethora of cherries. But I’ve gt to be quick as I’m in the UK for Xmas with my sons.

Mojo the great black hunter and ninja master is still killing on a daily basis–rats, birds, mice, moths–you name it he hunts it. He abandoned me when we had our last group in the yurts–a group of youngsters from UK who made such a fuss over him I thought I’d lost him for good. He pounced them at night and haunted them for food all day. But now he’s back and as affectionate as ever–good thing cats are cool.

First Halloween for a long time that I wasnt in costume. It was also just my 65th birthday!!! Way too old but I am compensating with a new haircut and glasses. As for the costume I slightly fear that I look enough like a witch without the costume. All in all I had a great birthday with good friends, lovely gifts and the golden glow of autumn around.

Time for the yurts to come down for the winter and the wood to be stacked in the house. I love the seasonal change. Its been a particularly lovely autumn and these forst days of winter are crisp and gorgeous. The sierra nevadas are looking particularly majestic with their first coating of snow. More to come but for now I need to get going as there are jobs to get done.

autumn gold

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