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December 2, 2011

Well the girls went to Marrakesh–for two of us it was a return trip after 40 years–and not much has changed–the j’emallfnah is paved and the roofs all have sattelite dishes but really the rest looks pretty much the same. We wandered through alleys dodging donkeys and scooters searching out the workshops where all the goodies are made–brass ware, woodwork, tassels of silk, scarves of every colour, slippers of every size. Each corner turned up more delights–as one man said it”brightened our eyes”.We ate woderful tajines of fruit and meat and honeyed cakes with our mint tea. The girls in the hammam of 1000 nights scrubbed us cleaner than we’ve ever been while singing in the steam. The hotel was draped with beautiful colours and the obligatory cat withon the sound of the muzzein calling out in the early morning. And then there was the pigeon man–by far and away my favourite thing. The mystery of it all–all day every day a man say with nagilahs (water pipes) and tea surrounded by pigeons. At night they began to drum and dance themselves into a trance (and me too). I never did find out exactly what it is all about but it was sufi magic of some sort, probably healing too. Morrocan shamanism–right up my street!!Image


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