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23 skidoo

May 20, 2017

Well it seems that my best laid plans to reactivate my blog in December were a resounding failure.

i could blame it on Donald the King of the USA or even the insecurity raised by Brexit, but really I just didn’t do it.

it is true to say that my brain feels slightly as if it has been fiddled with…all this false news and confusion reigning is hard to absorb. Seems like nothing is very solid anymore…not that this is entirely a bad thing. Never have been much food at believing anything. So in this vein I turned to the comfort of Robert Anton Wilson to remind me of how to look at the nonsense passing as news and politics today. In the process of reeducation I was pointed in the direction of the Cosmic Trigger play, written and produced by Daisy Eris Campbell and showing right now in London. It was a sign and I took it as such…buying my ticket and travelling to London from Spain for the occasion. When my seat on the plane came up 23 I knew it was the right move.

something happened in the process…I found the others and left the theatre feeling as if I had found myself as well. Nice little follow up link to KLF when l got to my sons house and heard my three year old grandson singing, “they’re justified and they’re ancient.”…love my family.

so here I am ready to rant…wtf has happened…when I was young I thought the world would improve. I thought racism would end, poverty would be tackled, that no one would be hungry and love would rain down upon the world creating peace for all humankind. Granted I took a lot of acid. But still, the ideas were good. Instead we have more racism than ever, corruption and collusion on a scale that hurts the head. And paradoxical everything…everyone hates Muslims but loves Saudis. Immigrants are the new gangstas and women are back to being barbie dolls. And the most mystifying movement is the move in Britain to emulate the health service of the USA which in all ways is the worst healthcare in the world..?????????? Why…I feel like a three year old wandering around saying why why??

that may be enough for today but hopefully I shall use this platform to display my thought on all of this…

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