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June 29, 2017

Well I have had so much to rant about that I stopped myself from pouring it all out in this format, but dammit someone needs to say stuff and I guess I,m as good as anyone else.

For some time I have tried to avoid being caught up in the political game. This ended when Donald Trump was elected president of the USA. I haven’t thought or felt like an american for many a long year, but this event was a bit of a wake up call. This coupled with Brexit which will immediately affect me as I live in Spain, has led to me reconnecting with the body politic. I began by trawling through the various threads and postings on social media…slightly fascinated by a president who tweets. It soon became clear that there was nothing to be found here but vitriolic name calling and a kind of pick and mix bag of truths depending on who your friends are. And so I went to the newspapers and what I thought were the preferred and trusted reports of current affairs. And lo and behold what did I find? That there is no voice of reason and that truth is a moveable feast. Now I have always known that in a kind of shamanic new agey sort of way, but this is in your face every day lies and bullshit with very little access to the facts…note I don’t say I say I know that is a subjective and abstract concept, but previously I thought facts were just that..proveable. I was wrong.

I have watched as Trump destroys any previous view that America has anything to offer the world except profit and notoriety. Even worse I have watched as the Tories have tried to emulate this as if it is a good thing. It is beyond belief that they sit and discuss turning the national health system into an American model of profit for few and trauma for many. I have seen what this system provides as both of my parents aged and died, and my dad had good insurance. It was an awful experience watching them fleece him and fight like dogs over a bone over any money to be had from his deteriorating health. 

Is this just a cull of the bottom rungs…the poor, the sickly, the old, the unwanted? It feels like it. What will happen after Brexit? I,m too old to get health insurance, especially on my state pension which has shrunk considerably over the last year and is likely to stay low for some time now. No one knows or is able to say or willing to,say what may or may not happen after Brexit. I left the uk for Spain in good faith that as a European citizen I would have rights. But now what? I,m not in a position to alter much of my life as my home dropped in value during the crisis and is unlikely to return to any previous value for a long time. If I were to try to sell I could only pay rent for a few years before running out…so a homeless old person…nice. 

And so it goes on…reasons to rant..

Meanwhile I have just been in  London and very near the Grenfell Towers when it was still smelling of burnt plastic. Two weeks on and nothing has been done. The councillors appear to have washed their hands of it and the survivors are still waiting for someone to take control. But something has happened which is wonderful to behold…people are nicer than ever to,each other. The council may have ignored the survivors but the neighbours and other good folks of London of any colour or religion have stepped up as fellow humans. We need big signs everywhere telling people that they are nicer than the media tells them they are. For sure there are bitter, frustrated people who seek someone to blame, following the lead of our supposedly respected leaders who for the most part do nothing but point fingers at others. The whole of Trump,s presidency has been about blaming someone, preferably Obama for anything and everything. Now echoed in the uk where apparently Mrs May needed to buy favour with Irish paramilitary extremists to save the masses from the evil Corbyn. Great example for our young people…it’s not what you say or do but how much you can get away with blaming someone else. Compassion is vilified and greed is glorified.

That might be enough for today…and I haven’t even started on the wanton killing of black people in The USA. Now I have opened the floodgate I may find it hard to close it.


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