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The tale of the towers

July 1, 2017

This is today’s ramblings on the link I have managed to forge between the destruction of the twin towers in New York and the burning of the  Grenfell  Tower in London. Let me clarify immediately that this link is entirely of my own imagination and does not in any way claim to be a truth by any description.

On the fateful day that we have to know as 9/11, I was at work in north wales where I resided at the time. A colleague who was at home that day  rang the clinic to tell us to turn on the tv immediately, and so we watched as plane hit the second tower. I had two thoughts at the time, possibly simultaneous although that isn’t the relevance. The first was, ” what the fuck has the USA done now?” And the second was the exact replication of the tarot card The Tower that was being broadcast around the world via the global media. It was as though the whole thing had been set up.

I should clarify that I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I am of a very practical nature and tend to follow the reward pattern of any action in order to understand its origin. In the case of the Twin Towers the only thing that benefitted from this occurrence was the good ol USA. For on that day the populace gave up the ability to think and swallowed whole the danger that the world has to offer. Fear took over the wheel and the USA was able to utilise this to curtail freedom of movement and impose security measures, supposedly to,protect the people but in reality to create a climate of subservient compliance in the name of protection. Everyone became the enemy, the USA became a  place needing fortification, and the people vowed their heads and said yes sir as long as you keep us safe.

Now the irony to me has always been that it was Saudi Arabians who seemed to lead the assault and yet somehow they have never been blamed . Lots of blame has been cast since then..on virtually every other middle eastern country with a population who,follow Islam. And yet Saudi, seemingly the most Muslim of Muslim states has managed to stay out of the ring of blame. 

But that is another whole rant…today it is the towers…

Soooo…with the destruction of the Twin Towers a whole new world of separatist rhetoric was launched in which we needed to rethink the way we see the world and the dangers that lie within. I call it the day when the world went into a coma like  Sleeping  Beauty when she pricked her finger, a cloud dropped over the world and the hypnotised masses believed that the stops and checks, the increased police brutality, the queues at points of travel etc etc were all to keep them safe. And yet it hasn’t kept them safe…nutters still mass murder.

But that could be another whole rant…back to the tower link..

Two weeks ago there was another tower catastrophe, this time in London, and this time supposedly an accident not an attack. There are some stark contrasts. The Twin Towers in New York were financial centres full of people in employment, not necessarily wealthy but not perceived as poor. The   Grenfell Tower was a social housing project full of people perceived to be the bottom of the ladder…immigrants, refugees, low income families, the elderly and the infirm. No one has even confirmed this or not but it certainly is the perception. And this time the horrors have been coming thick and fast…the reduction of the fire service and its impact on the event, the lack of services provided for the survivors. From the moment that this happened it has been volunteers doing everything. Collections were made, clothes donated, services offered. What has not happened has been anything concrete and useful from any registered charities or official council figures. If I use my trail of who gets the benefit, I would have to say the whole thing looks like a set up to get rid of undesireables. I would like to think that,s too strong a thought but can’t trace it through to anything else. At the least there is a governmental fast passing of the hot potato to make sure the blame doesn’t lie with them.

Each day there has been less mention of the tragedy as if it will just go away. Still no answers, still no closure, not even a list of survivors. I have seen the building sitting there like a tower of ash still stinking of burnt plastic and casting a shadow of shame and disgust on the community. But despite the best efforts of  the media and the government at all levels to distract us from this horror, I don’t think people are going to forget. I hope that out of these ashes people will wake up from the spell cast by the first tower incident and blink their eyes and see again where the enemy really lies and who is really out to look after us. It is not our reptilian overlords, but our neighbours, do not let them keep us in our bubbles of hatred, look at this example and draw your own conclusions. Did added security save those people? Could this have been avoided? Who will profit and who will pay? But most of all will it dispell the cloud of unawareness which has fogged our vision?

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