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Melting snowflake

August 5, 2017

Apparently my desire for humanity and fairness in the world labels me a snowflake. 

And yes, today I feel like I am melting. I am 70 and was born in the USA. I was there for the race riots, the anti segregation marches, the move to provide equality for people of all colour, race or religion. I thought the world would grow and change and people would realise how we are more alike than different. I was young and idealistic. 

I lived in a world of expansion. I travelled without fear, I worked at various jobs, I was a woman who could find a measure of freedom…things were definitely going to get better.

But they haven’t. America is now at levels of racism that I no longer thought possible. It seems that Trump has tapped a deep hidden stream of hatred and fear and brought it to the surface. People of colour are not safe in America. They are shot before they speak and blamed before they act. If you are poor it is bad but that doesn’t seem to be the criterion. The things I have read about jumped up uppity blacks who dare to be better educated than some whites has left me feeling a despair for the human race.

It is not just America either…as a child I could not understand how the holocaust happened, how ordinary people would allow such horrors, how Hitler could be admired. I am older now and am watching it happen again, and this time I see how it happens. A world being groomed to remember every hate it has ever known. The Muslim terror which somehow allows the worst behaviour from Saudi Arabia without a word of protest while people in the uk fear their chip shop will be closed by Sharia law.

So yes today I feel like a snowflake melting in my own tears for the choice of hatred and division I see in progress around the world. And I hope in this time of extremity I am able to stay firmly on the side of compassion despite the best attempts of the media to lead me down the path of hate.


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